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Simple Ways to Improve Your Home Security

Simple ways to improve your home security

Nobody wants to think that they or their home could become a target for crime. We know it is a possibility, but think it is unlikely to ever become a reality. The truth is, a home is robbed every 20 seconds somewhere in the US according to the latest FBI crime statistics. Crime happens even in the safest neighborhoods and when it happens to you, the crime statistic becomes 100%. The good news is, there are some simple, smart, and affordable ways you can improve your home security and foil the bad guys.

We know that security is one of your top priorities. Protecting your home and family is a big deal, but it doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Here are some common sense ways you can boost your home security simply and effectively.

Evaluate the Outside of Your Home

Take a few minutes to think like a criminal and look at your house as a potential target. Is there plenty of cover such as large bushes or overgrown hedges? Can you see valuables from the outside? What can you learn from the trash? Are there large boxes from expensive purchases at the curb? Is there visible security? Does the home look occupied? If you think criminals may find your home attractive, it’s time to make some changes.

Don’t Keep Valuables in Plain Sight

Park your car in the garage, close your curtains, and do not advertise purchases. Remember, criminals are cruising the neighborhood shopping for the best deal with the lowest risk.

Get a Home Security System

Most burglars prefer operating without forced entry and most never need to. Shockingly, 60% of all burglars enter through an unlocked door or window. To solve the problem, opt into a home security system that includes things like motion and glass-break sensors and smart locks for your doors. This eliminates the need for extra keys floating around, provides a way to lock doors remotely when forgotten, and alerts you to potential intruders.

Look Home

Burglars really don’t want to deal with residents. They just want to get in, get your stuff, and go. Make your home look occupied using home automation to provide signs of life such as turning off and on lights, music, and even occasionally running the HVAC!

Answer Your Door Remotely

Never give away that you aren’t home. If someone comes to the door, answer it remotely using a smart doorbell.

Have a Visible Video Surveillance System

Opt into a quality video surveillance system. One the biggest mistakes residents make is putting off installing a video surveillance system. The second mistake is installing a system that only provides fuzzy or grainy shots that can’t help law enforcement identify potential criminals.

Form a Neighborhood Watch

Band together with your neighbors to make security a priority. In addition to monitoring the neighborhood activity, talk to neighbors about the collective advantages of improving security. When the number of homes in a neighborhood that have home security systems increases, crime decreases overall.

It may be impossible to stop all crime, it is completely possible to increase our security and decrease the chances of becoming a victim. Do you have questions about improving your security?

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